Top 5 LinkedIn posts from July 2020

Looking back at the top 5 posts from the month of July 2020. All these posts were originally published in LinkedIn as part of the daily content I have been posting.

Mirror AI

An AI for interview preparation.

Mirror AI is an android application which helps students and professionals in interview preparation. This is done by assessing how one communicates based on speech and video.

Mirror AI Screenshot

During the current period when interviews are mostly on digital platforms, preparing oneself for such a medium would be essential.

The application gauges the audio and visual aspects in terms of your Smile, Eye Contact, Calmness, Pronunciation, Pauses and Fillers used.

So, would you give such an AI a shot before an interview or would you do a mock with your trusted friend?

India’s second ever REIT offering

The Mindspace Business Parks REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is opening its IPO for retail investors from 27-29th of July 2020. 

The company plans to raise Rs 1000cr inform of fresh issue and another Rs. 3500cr in form of offer for sale taking the total deal amount to Rs 4500cr.

The minimum amount of investment needed is set at Rs 55,000 for 200 shares at Rs 275 each, which was earlier fixed at Rs 2,00,000.

This is the second ever REIT offering in India till date after Embassy Parks Office REIT back in 2019, which has been doing relatively well even in these uncertain times.

Most Innovative Companies of 2020

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) released its annual report defining the world’s most innovative companies in 2020. Technology giants, Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft and Samsung take the top five spots for 2020.

Most Innovative Companies of 2020
Most Innovative Companies of 2020 by Visual Capitalist

A key insight from the report is “The companies most committed to excelling at innovation prioritize advanced analytics, digital design and technology platforms to strengthen their specific initiatives and create new ventures”

Following similar lines, I hope Reliance Jio finds a mention in the coming years with the innovations and prioritizations following the recent AGM as an Indian representation on the list.

We are preparing for the future by looking at the past.

A huge percentage of our actions are based upon data from our past. Experiences of those who walked the same roads, did the same things, made the same mistakes, or even our own past experiences.

But when you base your future actions on your past, your future will always have a shade of your past.

The greatest innovators, inventors, leaders and people who were called ahead of their times had the vision of a different future. Making it possible to come with original thoughts, ideas and inventions.

Design the future, from scratch.

Debt trap diplomacy

Guess what these red dots represent and then read along

Chinese Debt Trap Diplomacy and Project Locations
China’s project locations by AidData

The following is a screen grab from an online web map by AidData, a research lab based of the United States.

The website consolidates locations of Chinese-funded development projects around the globe. The data set includes over 3,485 Chinese Government-financed projects in 138 countries and territories.

The debt-trap diplomacy, especially with the developing and under-developing countries in Africa and with the countries neighbouring India, has been raising questions on various fronts. But to see data visualized like this gives a better understanding of the impact it will have on the geo-political front.

Thoughts on debt-trap diplomacy?

Honorable Mention: The New Pamban Rail Bridge

India’s first vertical rail-lift bridge

Construction on India’s first vertical rail-bridge started on the New Pamban Rail Bridge connecting Rameswaram to the mainland. 

The 2.05km bridge will replace the over 100-year-old Pamban Bridge dating from the British era because of speed and weight restrictions.

Details about the New Pamban Bridge
Details of New Pamban Bridge by Times of India

A vertical-lift bridge design planned is a type of movable bridge in which a 63m span rises vertically while remaining parallel with the deck, unlike the double-leaf bascule section which exists in the old bridge, allowing vessels to pass through.

The Rs. 250cr project is an undertaking of Railway Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL)

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