Future of mobility: EVs, The way forward


Electric Vehicles (EV) have been the buzz word for sometime now. Gone were the days, the only option you had was a Reva. Automobile companies are jumping into the EV wagon with both feet with more options for consumers than ever before.

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You become the media you consume: my edutainment media diet


Gone were the days when you waited eagerly for the paperboy to deliver your trusted newspapers and magazines to your home to get your daily shot of news and updates. Media consumption have become very easy with the onset of internet and mobile phones. With that comes a plethora of options to choose from and what to consume. The article includes my streams of education and entertainment presented in the form of edutainment.

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Think late, suffer soon: Learnings from Maradu demolitions

Maradu Demolitions

The honorable Supreme Court of India in September 2019 had directed the State Government of Kerala to demolish 4 residential complexes which were constructed on the lakeside facing Vembanad at Maradu, Kochi due to violation of Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) norms. The order was executed by the State Government by demolishing the said buildings by a controlled implosion. But, was this the right approach and does this solve anything?

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Why the National Infrastructure Pipeline matters


A couple of days back the central finance minister announced the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP), a 102 lakh crore plan as to how the government aims to invest in the infrastructure sector over the next five years. In what appears to be the most ambitious plan yet by the current government to achieve the $5 trillion economy by 2025, the report details the infrastructure goals, strategies and the quantum of funds allocated to various sectors.

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